Maximizing efficiency with Crisp in your business

Maximizing Efficiency with Crisp in Your Business

At Bigbuda Inc, we have been offering complete web design, web development, security, hosting, support, optimization, and continuous maintenance solutions since 2010. Our over 15 years of experience have allowed us to test various tools and platforms to automate processes, handle support requests, and generate new leads efficiently. Today, we want to share our experience with Crisp (, a chat tool that has revolutionized the way we interact with our clients and optimize our services.

Our Journey with Chat Tools

Over the years, we have used multiple chat platforms such as Intercom, LiveChat, Zendesk, among others. Each of these tools has contributed something valuable, but we have also faced significant challenges, especially in terms of costs and performance. Intercom, for example, while robust and functional, involved a monthly expense of over $1,200 for a team of 10 people. This led us to explore more efficient and economical alternatives without sacrificing service quality.

The Revolution with Crisp

Since implementing Crisp, we have experienced a significant transformation in our daily operation. Crisp not only offers exceptional and fast customer support but is also extremely economical. Previously, with Intercom, we paid over $1,200 monthly for a team of 10 people. Now, with Crisp, for only $95 per month, we can have up to 20 people using the system with the same functions and capabilities. This cost reduction has improved our operational efficiency without compromising service quality.

Impact on SEO and Site Performance

One of the critical aspects we consider when choosing a chat tool is the script load on our websites. It is vital that the implementation of any new technology does not negatively affect our page load time, as this can harm our SEO and web positioning. With Crisp, we have observed smooth integration and minimal load on site performance, helping keep our sites optimized and fast. A well-optimized site is key to achieving top search engine rankings, especially on Google.

Outstanding Features of Crisp

Crisp stands out for its multiple functionalities that facilitate and improve communication with our clients: it allows meaningful interactions on our website, facilitates automated conversations, enhances our understanding of leads and customers, enables collaborative work, optimizes our customer support efficiently, increases engagement through email and in-app messages, provides instant responses to our clients, and monitors our system and alerts users when a problem occurs.


Our experience with Crisp has been extremely positive. The combination of exceptional support, affordable cost, and minimal impact on site performance has made this tool an ideal choice for Bigbuda Inc. We will continue using Crisp to ensure our clients receive the best possible service while optimizing our resources and maintaining our standards of excellence.

If you are looking for an efficient, economical chat tool with quality support, we recommend considering Crisp. At Bigbuda Inc, we continue to explore and adopt the best technologies to offer you innovative solutions that drive your presence and success in the digital world.Maximizing efficiency with Crisp in your business.