Update of the web design and development for the company Concesa.

Eduardo Garcia
Web Design, Web Development, Branding
December 31, 2023

Update of the web design and development for the company Concesa.

Brand Renewal and Custom Website Development to Boost Trust and Growth.

At Bigbuda, we are pleased to present the brand renewal and custom website development project for Concesa, a leading company dedicated to consultancy and administration. Our main goal was to create an impression of trust and highlight Concesa's growth potential through a renewed website and brand identity.

Learn about the process:
Concesa sought to reflect its growth and potential through an updated online presence. The challenge was to create a website and visual identity that conveyed Concesa's experience and professionalism to instill confidence in potential clients.

Our Approach:
Strategic Consultation: We initiated the project with a strategic consultation to thoroughly understand Concesa's vision and values. We identified key areas that needed to be highlighted to build trust and convey the company's growth potential.

Renewed Brand Design: We worked on the renewal of Concesa's visual identity, creating a brand design that reflected the professionalism and experience of the company. This included updating the logo, color palette, and graphic elements to achieve a modern and cohesive appearance.

Custom Website Development: Using WordPress as the foundation, we implemented custom development tailored to Concesa's specific needs. We created customized sections to highlight consultancy and administration services, along with testimonials and success stories to support trust.

Conveying Growth and Potential: We incorporated visual elements and strategic messages into the website design to emphasize Concesa's growth and potential. Graphics and persuasive content were used to convey the company's experience and success in the industry.

User Experience Optimization: We adjusted the website design to ensure an optimized user experience on various devices and screens. Intuitive navigation and efficient content layout improved user interaction.

Testing and Adjustments: We conducted thorough testing to ensure the website's performance, addressing any issues and optimizing loading times for a smooth user experience.

Launch and Ongoing Support: We coordinated the launch of the new website and provided continuous support to ensure that Concesa maximized the benefits of its renewed online presence.

The brand renewal and website development project for Concesa achieved a remarkable transformation. The new visual identity and custom website not only reflect the company's professionalism but also instill confidence and convey its growth potential.

At Bigbuda, we are dedicated to driving the success of our clients through effective digital solutions. The Concesa project is a testament to our ability to revitalize a company's online presence, enhancing its image and building lasting trust. We are excited to share this exemplary project in our portfolio!

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