Update of the web design and development for the company Dynamiclab.

Patricio Clavijo
Web Design, Web Development, Branding
January 9, 2024

Update of the web design and development for the company Dynamiclab.

Transforming spaces with elegance in chairs and armchairs for everyday use through a sophisticated website for Dynamiclab project.

Bigbuda is pleased to highlight our collaboration with Dynamiclab, a leading company dedicated to the sale of chairs, armchairs, and armchairs for various everyday spaces. Together, we have developed a sophisticated website that reflects the elegance and comfort of La Sillería's products, providing customers with an immersive and easy shopping experience. Project for La silleria.

Learn about the process:
Dynamiclab, as a specialist in everyday furniture, sought to expand its online presence and reach a wider audience. The challenge was to create a website design that showcased the diversity of its products, from modern office chairs to classic armchairs, offering an intuitive shopping experience for customers across sectors.

Our Approach:
Market and Audience Analysis: We started the project with a detailed analysis of the furniture market and Dynamiclab's specific audience. This allowed us to understand trends and preferences, guiding the website design to meet the expectations of the target audience.

Eclectic and Functional Design: We collaborated with versatile designers to create a website design that reflected the eclectic range of Dynamiclab's products. From modern office chairs to classic armchairs, the design was conceived to adapt to different styles and needs.

Intuitive Navigation: We designed intuitive navigation to facilitate product search for visitors. We categorized products clearly and provided efficient filters to help customers easily find what they are looking for.

Highlighting Comfort and Style: We created specific sections to highlight the comfort and style of Dynamiclab's products. Each item was presented with detailed images and attractive descriptions to convey the distinctive features of each piece.

Interactive Visualization Tools: We implemented interactive visualization tools that allow users to explore the details of each chair or armchair from different angles. This added a virtual experience element to online shopping.

Dynamic Catalog Management: We developed a dynamic catalog management system that allows Dynamiclab to easily update its inventory and add new products. This ensures that the website is always up-to-date with the latest additions to the catalog.

Customized Marketing Strategy: We created a customized marketing strategy, including social media content, collaborations with interior design bloggers, and special promotions to generate interest and engagement online.

The collaboration with Dynamiclab has resulted in a website that combines elegance and functionality, offering customers an online shopping experience that highlights the diversity and quality of their everyday furniture.

At Bigbuda, we celebrate the opportunity to have contributed to the online success of Dynamiclab. This project highlights our ability to adapt website design to our clients' product variety, providing visitors with an engaging and easy shopping experience. We are excited to include this exemplary project in our portfolio!

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