Update of the web design and development for the company Ortotek.

Camilo Gallyas
Web Design, Web Development, Branding
January 23, 2024

Update of the web design and development for the company Ortotek.

Innovation in orthodontic and oral health products through a specialized website.

Bigbuda is pleased to highlight our collaboration with Ortotek, a company specializing in the sale of orthodontic and oral health products. Together, we have created a specialized website that reflects the innovation and quality of Ortotek's products, providing healthcare professionals and the general public easy access to advanced dental solutions.

Learn about the process:
Ortotek, as a leader in supplying products for orthodontists and oral health professionals, sought to enhance its online presence and facilitate access to its extensive product catalog. The challenge was to create a website design that reflected Ortotek's specialization and provided an efficient platform for the purchase of specialized products.

Our Approach:
Deep Understanding of the Dental Sector: We initiated the project with a deep understanding of the dental sector and the specific needs of orthodontists and oral health professionals. This allowed us to tailor the web design to meet the expectations of this specialized audience.
Specialized and Professional Web Design: We collaborated with designers specialized in the dental sector to create a web design that conveyed professionalism and expertise. We used a sober color palette and visual elements that reflected the precision and quality of Ortotek's products.
Segmented and Detailed Catalog: We designed a segmented catalog that allowed users to easily find specific products for orthodontics and oral health. Each product was presented with technical details, features, and usage recommendations.
Oral Health Education Tools: We implemented educational sections providing relevant information on oral health, orthodontic techniques, and dental care. This served not only as an educational resource for professionals but also as a guide for the general public.
Customized Order Management: We developed a customized order management system that allows healthcare professionals to place specific orders for their practices. This functionality was designed to streamline the purchasing process and ensure the availability of specialized products.
Highlighting Product Innovation: We created featured sections to highlight the innovation in Ortotek's products. We included visual demonstrations and testimonials from prominent professionals in the field to support the effectiveness of the products.
Live Chat Integration and Technical Support: We implemented a live chat system to provide instant support to users. This ensured that professionals could get quick answers to technical questions and product inquiries.

The collaboration with Ortotek has resulted in a specialized website that meets the specific needs of orthodontists and oral health professionals, providing easy access to innovative products and educational resources.

At Bigbuda, we take pride in contributing to the online growth of Ortotek. This project showcases our ability to design specialized digital solutions, providing companies like Ortotek with the ideal platform to offer high-quality products and advanced dental solutions. We are excited to include this exemplary project in our portfolio!"

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